Upgrades and Migrations

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Information technology becomes increasingly sophisticated on a daily basis. Additionally, as your business grows, you will need to upgrade and migrate systems to optimize your IT infrastructure and support your growing needs.

Operating systems and applications with faster processing power requirements often mandate newer hardware technology. Leveraging the latest technology and ACCTEL Network ’s experienced team of engineers, you can put your business in an optimal position to migrate toward the future. Whether you need to upgrade operating systems on individual desktops and servers or you need to migrate domain controllers or upgrade your entire IT infrastructure, ACCTEL Network Technologies Inc. can help you create a seamless transition with minimal interruption.

Protect against Threats

Older equipment and software progressively becomes more vulnerable to today’s more sophisticated threat scene. Upgrading to new systems will allow access to security patches that protect your IT system from identified threats as they hit the IT landscape. Let ACCTEL Network help protect your users, workstations and servers against threats such as viruses, phishing schemes, and network scams by upgrading.


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