Office Moves (IMAC)

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Why Worry About My Move?

Created for today’s fast paced IT environment, ACCTEL Network ’s IMAC (Install, Move, Add, Change) services are designed to help our clients manage all aspects of their IT environment throughout the infrastructure life-cycle. ACCTEL Network delivers IMAC services within and outside of normal office hours (9.00am-5.30pm) anywhere in the United States, minimizing disruption to end-users.

Avoid lost work time and lack of productivity. Typically, organizations request that moves be completed during business hours to accommodate staffing constraints. Without ACCTEL Network , IT teams with limited personnel and already-heavy workloads must be diverted from their normal duties to support the relocation. As a result, the workforce waits, idle, for the IT team to return system access.

Out services encompass installations and configurations, technology refreshes, removal and disposals, moves, audits, portable appliance testing and resource supply. Our services can be provided for small less than 10 user roll-outs to technical refreshes of 1000+ users and cover a wide range of hardware including desktops, laptops, printers, extending through to complex server installations.

Our IMAC Services will help you if you are:
  • Moving into new offices
  • Relocating to another location in the same building
  • Rolling out new hardware and/or software
  • Rolling out equipment on a project basis
  • Recycling equipment between projects / departments
  • Rebuilding or re-installing software images regularly
  • Relocating staff between offices
  • Merging Offices
  • Closing Down Offices

What you can expect

Pre-Move Systems Documentation:
  • Components are inventoried prior to the move
  • All assets verified
  • Any damaged equipment identified
  • Device configuration on each desk is documented
Pre-Move Physical Disconnect:
  • Any labeling of IT devices by the client is checked and reviewed for accuracy
  • PC or laptop docking stations and peripherals are disconnected
  • All cables and small components are placed in containers
Post Move Physical Re-connect:
  • Containers are unpacked
  • Correctly relocated assets are verified
  • All devices and peripherals are re-connected
  • All systems are booted and functionality is ensured
  • Network connectivity is confirmed
  • Specialized Day One instruction and support flyers are created and placed on all desks
Post Move Support:
  • ACCTEL Network provides Day One Support to end-users for any IT-related items. This includes troubleshooting LAN connectivity, re-positioning of equipment, ensuring all equipment starts properly, testing of pertinent applications, printer mapping, etc.
Move Documentation:
  • A post-reconnect issue log is created to identify any non-resolvable items that must be addressed before the next work day.
  • A complete inventory of all assets is provided to the designated company contact.
  • Day One issues are logged and provided to the designated company contact.

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