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We don't just build networks. We build BETTER networks.

Infrastructure plays a critical role in business transformation. It enables everything else: applications, processes, operating models, enterprises and extended enterprises. The IT infrastructure of an organization is the framework that supports its business. Without it, applications cannot run, calls cannot be made and businesses cannot function.

ACCTEL Network Technologies Inc. provides complete networking services from design and implementation to administrative support, allowing you to focus on running your business. Our technicians can help you develop IT strategies to maximize your network up-time and productivity.

Whether you need a completely new network installed, or are just looking to upgrade or scale your existing network to accommodate your growing business, ACCTEL Network can help. We can design and install a secure network infrastructure that solves your company’s IT needs.

We design and install all network components – cabling, routers, switches, servers and workstations, LAN, and WAN components. Our engineers are highly experienced in network and computer technologies that require a great deal of expertise and knowledge of industry best practices.

Our integrated approach provides our clients the benefits of:
  • Cost-effective solutions by leveraging skills, processes and technology.
  • Improved levels of service with a flexible, yet robust delivery model.
  • Improved account servicing through the account management model.

After the initial installation we will also provide network maintenance plans for optimizing the performance and life of your network as well as keeping your network available for access when you need to get to your data.


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